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How to Deal With Increasing Volatility in the Consumer Products Supply Chain


Webinar Details:

Alex Pradhan, Product Strategy Leader at John Galt Solutions


Consumer product manufacturers face mounting challenges. Unpredictable demand, product complexity, and channels like direct-to-consumer and e-commerce must all be monitored closely as they gain greater importance. The global pandemic only served to magnify these issues. While some of the initial turmoil resulting from the pandemic has faded, the consumer products sector is still working through how their industry is reshaping.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • What are the shifts in consumer buying behavior and consumer trends that are influencing how manufacturers should chart their course forward and assess their product suite.
  • How consumer product manufacturers should respond to these shifts.    
  • How can supply chain planning technology help companies see and respond to market impacts (demand shifts and channel changes) , optimize inventory levels and maximize overall supply chain performance.  

 This webinar covers some of the major pain points in this industry, and how you as the planner can overcome them.


John Galt also published a white paper on this topic. You can download it here.

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