Join planners and team leaders from across many industries for live, on-the-ground, in-depth training with the Atlas Planning Solution. This complete 3-day course gives you a thorough understanding of the forecasting and demand management software, plus training in inventory management and the planning portal.

The curriculum, taught in a seminar style by John Galt's own Senior Business Consultants, ensures you make the most of your investment. Through these classes your company representatives are taught how to make full use of all Atlas Planning features. Your planners are given the knowledge and tools they need to solve any current or future planning challenges, and your company saves money in the long run by shortening your implementation or upgrade project(s).

Beyond the 3-day package, limited 2-day and 1-day training packages are available to attendees who have previously mastered specific topics. Contact your account representative to review program details and determine which option is a best fit for your organization.

Each day will begin at 9am (breakfast at 8:30am) and conclude at 5pm


Atlas Public Training is designed for:

  • Demand Planners and Inventory Managers
  • Business Process Consultants
  • Supply Chain Collaborators
  • Supply Chain or IT Project Managers
  • Support Resources


Complete Atlas Public Training (Days 1-3): $2,000
Core Demand Management Only (Days 1-2): $1,500
Inventory Management Only (Day 3): $1,000

All attendees are welcome to enjoy the catered breakfast and lunch, as well as coffee and light refreshments available throughout the day.



Day 1 & 2: Demand Management and Planning Portal

Wednesday April 22nd, Thursday April 23rd.

After attending training you will be able to:

  • Analyze historical sales in units or through revenue
  • Define hierarchies for aggregation and allocation
  • Generate multiple forecasts, including aggregate level
  • Create filters and exceptions to streamline the process
  • Capture notes and reason codes for forecast or history adjustments
  • Collaborate with sales, marketing, and customers
  • Create custom calculations
  • Manage users and role-based security

Price for this 2-day immersive course is only $1500 per person.

Day 3: Inventory Management

Friday April 24th.

After attending training you will be able to:

  • Set replenishment policies
  • Review daily details or weekly summary of activity
  • Release and track orders
  • Respond to action messages
  • Define dependent demand for raw materials or kits
  • Calculate safety stocks and compare methods

Price for this 3rd day is only $500 more per person.

Total for the 3-day course is only $2000 per person.

You may attend just the Inventory Management 3rd day for $1000.



Topics Available Upon Request

  • Getting Started in Supply Chain Planning
  • Moving from ForecastX to Atlas
  • Adding Demand Collaboration to Demand Planning
  • Moving from Consensus Planning to S&OP
  • Best Practices in S&OP
  • Optimizing your Supply Chain Network
  • Expanding Inventory Visibility to Customers and Suppliers