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The Future of Forecasting is here!

Live Product Announcement:

Version 10
Originally recorded Jan 24th, 2019

With Senior Business Consultant Paul Mackie

John Galt is excited to announced the future of forecasting and demand planning with the brand new ForecastX 10. The latest version of ForecastX is guaranteed to take your planning efforts to the next level with new features, including ABC analysis and collaboration.


ForecastX 10 is currently available!


The live event will include:

  •  Learn how the new Collaboration feature can improve supply chain performance with the capability to collaborate with key entities both inside and outside your business.
  • Dive into the ABC Analysis feature and how the ability to segment products based on importance can help your supply chain to succeed.
  • Learn how Version 10  makes it easier than ever to keep your company running efficiently as updating to new features and functionality is now included in your ForecastX.
  • Special Promotion for everyone in attendance. You don't want to miss out on this offer!


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